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Graduates and their research topics

Postdoctoral Students


research topic

Bogner, Daniel

Göb, Andrea

Dignity in old age - aging with dignity. Dimensions of
dignity in the third age and their ethical implications

Doctoral Students


research topic

Bornmüller, Falk

Human dignity and self-respect: Terms and prospects in a Kantian view

Dinu, Radu Harald

Fascism, Religion and Violence in South Eastern Europe. The "Legionary Movement" and the "Ustaša" in Comparative Perspective 

Gippner, David
Karl Barth's diction of honor in context of modern discussions about human dignity

Hoffmann, Jana

Medieval Jewry-Law - Chances and limits of minority rights in the Holy Roman Empire: Legal norm and practice in exemplary territories and townships (ca. 1250-1520)

Kewes, Andreas
Political Values in the Context of Immigration

Lange, Jörg

Concentration camps and human rights: The reference to human rights at German memorials

Lehmann, Susann

Leichsenring, Jan

Lemke, Jannis
Human rights for the non-human great apes?

März, Michael

From TUNIX to Russell Tribunal - Forms and perspectives of protests against political repression after the German Autumn

Pagel, Cornelia

The man of human rights

Range, Eva The impact of transnational advocacy networks on the implementation of human rights in post-apartheid South Africa
Reichel, Kristin

Runte, Anne-Kathrin

Scherf, Gundula
The dimensions of human dignity and the interpretation
of human rights within a religious context using the
example of the Bahá'is on the basis of the statements
and reports of the Bahá'i International Community
at the United Nations
Schmidt, Nils
Constitution and Political Philosophy. The U.S. Supreme Court, Civil Rights, and the Liberal-Communitarian-Debate
Zivojinovic, Marc

Associated Graduates


research topic

Kowaltschuk, Ina

Learn human dignity! Human rights and human dignity as topic of religious learning processes

Peuckert, Markus

Human dignity and end-of-life-decision in intensive care